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Are you striving for a more balanced life?

Balance Life Coaching based in New Zealand, help people find purpose, make positive change and go forward to lead mindful, inspiring lives.


Jenny will help you look at where you are right now and then support and help you dig deep to find clear purpose and reach your fullest potential.


Hi, I'm Jenny...

Do you dream about your life overflowing with clarity, purpose and peace? Let's make that become a reality!


I’m a life coach and the world’s biggest fan of helping people find purpose, make positive change and go forward to lead mindful, inspiring lives. No matter where you started, where you’ve been and who you are right now, you remain the expert in your life and you possess all the knowledge, expertise and  creativity to create your most fulfilling and purposeful life. 

Our Services

Identify your true purpose and discover where it can take you. Move from just surviving to truly thriving.


Career Clarity Coaching

I can help you identify your true purpose, then map out your goals and figure out the  steps to get you there and beyond.



Get your life off the couch, out the door and moving.  Workshops are a great way to shine a light on where you’d rather be.

Retreats & Mini Retreats

Getaway from it all to re-boot your mindset  and your body can be just the ticket for a new lease on life. Please subscribe for updates.



We work together to incorporate your selected words, vows and rituals to create a ceremony that is uniquely yours.

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Why Work With Me?

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We all have times when we feel like we’ve lost direction or just feel stagnant and stuck in one or more areas of our lives.
I will help guide you back to your authentic self. 


Life coaching or personal coaching can be the first step in figuring out exactly where you are now, where you would like to be and then how to get there. Be inspired and discover the power within you to enable you move confidently forward in your life with our personal life coaching services, offered  throughout NZ. 

Want to make changes but not sure how?

I'll help you identify your strengths and gifts so you can choose a path with confidence.


Reached a turning point in your career?

I will help you discover and transition to an exciting new path or decide on the next step forward where you are currently.


Looking for ways to put the smile back on your face and contentment in your soul?

I offer non-judgemental guidance and support to help you find your way back to clarity, calm and fulfilment, without ignoring the important details.

Balance Life Coaching. Empowering Lasting Change.

New Book

Create Calm and Carry On

Are you rushing through your days, overwhelmed by stress and lack of time to get everything done? Do you fall into bed at night exhausted?


Buy my new book for 10 ways to calm your life. A personal collection of tools and ideas to make your journey easier and enable you to have more peace, vibrancy and energy.

Start your journey towards true happiness
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"After 12-weeks with Jenny I feel I can move into my future with confidence and self belief."


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