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About Me

My passion is working with people who want to live their most fulfilling, and purposeful lives.

Your ideas and inspiration come from your own unique life story, your experiences. It’s that inner knowhow that I can help you re-discover and  navigate to reach a positive sustainable outcome and make your life more meaningful! The essence of what I offer you is sustainable change for your future and the futures of those who follow you.


I’ve had a long and successful career as a social worker, teacher  and counsellor, but some time ago I shifted my focus to life coaching – and discovered my true calling.


I founded Balance Life Coaching because I am passionate about helping people discover their unique creativity, their own incredible strengths and then map out the best way to use them to get the most they can out of their lives.


The most important thing is that you first  re-align with and understand your inner authentic self, then you will be able to move towards where you want to be. Together we can find ‘you’ and then  put in place steps to get there.

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My approach

My style is intuitive, realistic and non-judgemental. I see each person as an individual with a unique story. You have all the power and expertise within you to make the best decisions and create change for yourself.


I’m there to ask the right questions and guide you towards your lightbulb moment.

How I work

I work face-to-face with my clients via zoom.

If you’re not sure if life coaching is for you,

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My story

I am loving working in my own business, but there was a time when  I was not living my passion and purpose  in accordance with my true values. I realised I needed to change up my career and lifestyle. Training as a life coach gave me the incentive to live authentically and since then I have never looked back. I am just loving working with people who want to move ahead and create their own inspiring lives.

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