Walk 'N' Talk

When the path  seems uncertain

Keep walking

Find a companion to lean on

And keep walking

Don’t give up, life is a journey


Walk 'N' Talk sessions are about creating a holistic and energised approach for mental, physical and emotional shifts to occur out of the stifling environment of an enclosed room. Step  out with me to re-discover your authenticity, shift your awareness , and be empowered to begin creating YOUR life! 


The benefits of exercise and fresh air to improve our mood is well known.  Being outside in the sunshine gives us Vitamin D, exercise releases endorphins, brisk walking and fresh air improves circulation of oxygen around our mind and body so that we can move, think and feel more easily

  • Walking forward physically in the outdoors with a coach goes hand in hand with putting steps in place to move forward in your own life. 

  • Being in nature with the sunshine and the open space creates a different space for discussion.  

  • Thinking ‘outside the box ‘ comes way more easily when outside the confines of four office walls .

  • There’s something about fresh air that creates a freshness and thrusts new life into old issues or stale ways of thinking.


All the above will allow you to feel energised and motivated, and, as well you will get all the regular benefits of a standard coaching session. 

Contact me today for a walk and talk session and let’s get moving!


Come and meet me for a stunning beach or ‘round the Mount walk ‘ n ‘talk where we can share, exchange, inspire and explore any issues or thoughts you have so that you can kickstart your future life and feel positive and inspired!


Walk ‘n’ Talk with Jen provides a safe and welcoming space in a fresh, dynamic environment so that your inner strenghts, resources and talents can unfold freely .


I'm so looking forward to meeting you!


How it Works

We’ll decide together where and for how long we will walk when you contact me.  Come to the Walk ‘n ‘Talk with comfortable shoes and a bottle of water. The session starts and ends in the same place.  Coffee may or may not be involved. Walks vary in intensity depending on the client’s preference and last the normal therapy session of 50 to 60 minutes.

Value    $99.00 

Contact me today for a walk and talk session and let’s get moving!

 Walk n Talk sessions are weather dependent and may be subject to rescheduling


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