Create Calm and Carry On

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When I look around me every day I see, hear and talk to friends, acquaintances and people I work with, existing in a state of rushing through their days, overwhelmed by stress and lack of time to get everything done before they fall into bed at night exhausted. This is so they can wake up again the next day to do it all again! This is NOT fun, NOT satisfying, NOT conducive to happy relationships, NOT sustainable - and NOT living! I know because I have been here too.

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This little book is a collection of ideas I have accumulated and stuff I have learned on my own journey through the craziness of modern life, that have worked and that I still use all the time.


Some I have integrated into my daily routine and others I bring on when I need them. I want to share them with you so that your journey may become easier and to enable you create a happier more satisfying life for you and your loved ones.

The ideas in this book have helped me set out on a path that has enabled me to live a much calmer, healthier and stress free life, one that I love to jump out of bed for every morning. I want you to have this too.


Start with integrating just one of these little jewels into your day and watch and notice the effect it has. Then add another. And one more... Use and enjoy!


It's yours now. It’s the new model for Mental Health.


Everything you need summarised in easy to read complete pages.

It could simply be the information you need to achieve the results and the calm you most desire.


Get it, read it, change your life.

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Create Calm and Carry On

Hardback Version

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Create Calm and Carry On

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