Work / life flow – how do we get it?

This is one of my favourite topics because I feel like our ultimate goal is to be present and focussed on whatever it is we're doing at any one time.

So, if you’re working, put all your heart and soul into it, so that you completely lose track of time, and just keep going until you run out of energy or creativity! I get that this can be a challenge to those of you who work set hours and may have controlled time restraints on tasks. But when you are able to put everything you’ve got into your work, you’re more likely to create things that provide great value to your clients or other people and therefore creating more satisfaction and fulfilment for yourself.

The same thing applies to your personal or home life. Allow yourself to be fully present where you are. If you find your mind wandering to things that need to be done at work, tune into your senses and come back to the present, where you are now. Focus on the things you can see and hear, feel and smell, and tune in to the people and things that are around you. Grasp the sensation of physically being where you are right now. This is one moment in time and your only opportunity to fully experience it. It will never come again!

If you’re constantly thinking about what you need to do later you will never get to appreciate what it is you are doing now. Allow yourself the time, space and energy to fully focus on what you are doing and where you are right now!

So work / life flow or work / life effectiveness, implies gentle spontaneous drift from work to your personal life and back again in accordance with your own personal needs and desires. If you can work towards achieving this as much as possible you will find that you feel calmer, more fulfilled and more in control of your life and destiny.

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