How to make an End of Year Closing Ceremony

First, it’s time for reflection! Take a moment and think about these questions:

What makes me happy and proud about this year?

  • What 3 amazing lessons did I learn during the year?

  • What are 10 things I am super grateful for this year?

  • What dreams came true for me?

  • What were my 2 biggest roadblocks or difficulties?

  • What could I have done differently? Why?

  • What were the 3 most significant events for me this year?

  • What one thing do I feel especially good about this year?

This year happened to us the way it did for a reason – a reason we may not even understand right now, but we will have learned valuable lessons and experienced exactly what we need to experience!

Wonderful amazing blessings may have come our way.

Sometimes things may have seemed hard or unfair.

Everything that has happened has come to us for a reason – to teach us something we need to learn on our particular journey.

So now here’s the next thing to try during your Closing Ceremony

  • Make a list of all the things in your life that you would like to let go – anything that is no longer serving you or that you have no further need for – it could be stuff, thoughts, experiences, people, relationships.... the list goes on!

  • Thank all these things, people, thoughts etc for the lessons they have brought you or the usefulness they have provided.

  • Burn the list (or just tear it up and bin it!) This is a symbolic release of the old and clearing the space for exciting new things.

  • Now, create a list for the new stuff, things, people, experiences, healings etc that you want to have in the new year.

What are your ideal Top 10 things to do?

My friend Su and I re-charging our batteries walking the Abel Tasman.

Jenny x

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