Things You Should Know About Career Coaching

In the modern labour market, finding and building job opportunities is tough and you need more than just a good résumé to search effectively for work.

The unemployment rate in New Zealand averaged 6.26 percent from 1985 until 2015. That's about a quarter of a million people every year, and without a doubt, there are also many more who would very much like a change from the job they have.

Fortunately, there are professionals out there delivering a suite of career coaching services to help you compete - to identify potential employers, market yourself and proactively develop new opportunities.

If you're feeling a bit stuck or at a crossroads, Balance Life Coaching’s career coaching services can guide you through the techniques and strategies needed to take the next step.

A career coach will help you with a baseline assessment or self-awareness stocktake of where you're at from a balanced whole-of-life perspective - your strengths, personality preferences and areas for development, values, skills, interests and aspirations.

Gathering that information will then help to clarify career direction, goals, objectives and the personal actions required to get you where you want to go. Working together with the tools and support offered by a career coach, you can make a real difference to your job satisfaction and performance.

Overall, the great benefit of career coaching is how it helps people assess their professional situations with a greater degree of honesty, curiosity, empathy and compassion.

At Balance Life Coaching you can expect to get the insight, encouragement, inspiration and confidence you need to better understand what patterns may be keeping you stuck and to help you find the career you love. Career coaching sessions are tailored to suit each individual and the outcomes you want from the process.

Jenny xx

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