Create an amazing vision - then go get it!

One year ago I created a vision! One year ago this week, I was working in a job that, while originally there was some room for creativity and freedom, but over the years it slowly but surely stamped on my creativity, sucked my ingenuity and any independence from me.

All in the name of increased accountability and consistency of course. Has this clamping down improved statistics in criminal activity and family welfare? I think not.

So, I realised it was time to create a vision for ME!

I knew I still loved and needed to be working with people.

I know that I am genuinely curious in people’s stories. Every single one of us has an amazingly fascinating story inside of us, of our unique life journey that makes up who we are. The sharing of our individual stories is what creates history.

I also knew that it was time for me to work in a more positive environment.

This is not to minimise the government welfare and justice environments that have been the backbone of my working life. They have enabled me to develop my character and life experience and for the most part I loved working with my clients and celebrating their successes and progress. But, it is now my time to work around people who truly value my skills, my knowledge and my passion for them and their journeys.

I knew that I now needed to be working for myself.

Independent of government agencies, corporates or enterprises that will stifle my creativity, my passion and my independent thoughts and ideas.

I knew that I needed real BALANCE in my life.

I wanted to create a life that flowed. Flowed from my work, into my leisure, into my family and friends and into my personal life – because when I am excited and stimulated by my work, it flows into all these areas easily and simply.

I knew that I needed to be in a fresh open environment.

Fresh air and sunshine are hugely important to me and sitting eight hours a day in a closed air conditioned space made me wilt. And sucked my energy. It’s difficult to maintain energy and positivity when you are wilting.

I knew I needed to surround myself with like minded, positive and energetic souls who understand and get my visions and passions.

I knew that I needed FREEDOM. This is one of my top core values. When I feel free I can create magic and be truly innovative and feel energised and motivated.

I knew that I needed to be able to travel and learn from and give to other cultures whenever and however I needed to.

SO, I created a vision.

My vision 1 year ago was this.

I am going to create a business where I am helping people create sustainable amazingness for themselves as they move ahead in their life journey. AND I am going to be able to do this from anywhere in the world.

I calculated it would take me 3 years to fulfil all of my vision.

One year ago this week I handed in my notice. I am a sole income earner and had $800 in the bank. This was without doubt one of the scariest, most courageous moments of my life.

I am writing this post one year on, sitting on a plane to Rome! ROME!!

I am heading off to journey for 2 months in Italy, France and Spain, holidaying with my daughter and son in law in Italia, then travelling and adventuring with my awesome friend Mary. AND I am taking my wonderful private clients with me on Skype!

Mary is also a coach and part of our journey is to spend 2 time hanging out in a beautiful seaside village in Southern Spain, collaborating and creating new and exciting programs and products for you.

I have realised my vision. Not in 3 years, but in 1 year!

I am at this point, sitting on this plane, feeling excited, nervous, challenged, aligned, energised, happy, fulfilled and free. Mostly though I am just so proud.

What is the BIGGEST and most EXCITING thing I have learned here?


When I set out to create a vision for myself – I actually had no idea where to start. I had some ideas and thoughts, but little clarity on what it was I really wanted.

My lovely friend Daisy showed me how to create a VISION BOARD. I guess I saw this as a bit of fun and a nice thing to do. It turned out that my vision board was integral in me realising my vision and getting to this point.

I had it on my bedroom wall and every morning I did my ‘salute to the sun’ in front of it. Whatever phrase or picture threw itself into my vision I would focus on that day. A couple of weeks ago, my eye caught the statement “To be able to work from anywhere in the world”.

I then realised that in going on this trip, I have realised every single statement that was on my board. That was a pretty magical moment for me. The board is done! I will create a new one when I return home – that makes me feel excited all over again!

For a step by step guide to create your very own vision board for your ideal future, watch this space. Coming very soon!

Watch this space for new adventures, inspirations and revelations as we journey together!!

Jenny x

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