5 ways to get more creativity happening in your life!

October is here already! This month I thought we'd take a look at how we can bring more CREATIVITY into our lives!

Here’s a wee challenge for this week to get started! Pick at least one thing from this list, and do it this week.

  • Start a creativity Folder. Put in: blog posts, creative tutorials, quotes you love, new ideas. Add things that spark your creative fire.

  • Learn a new skill. You may be really good at one thing - painting, knitting, writing, or something else. Push yourself out of your comfort zone and learn something new. This will help your creative mind expand and you might be pleasantly surprised at how you can use your new skill in conjunction with what you already do.

  • Live in the moment. When you’re thinking about the past or the future, you’re not plugged into the present moment. When you’re fully engaged in the present, you’ll do your very best creative work. Stop living for yesterday or tomorrow, and instead, live for today. When you find your mind drifting, focus your attention on your body and your current surroundings. Come back to the current moment.

  • Start asking, “What if?” Instead of hoping someone else will come up with a solution for your problems, get creative. Ask yourself “what if” questions. For example if you wish that you could afford eco friendly cleaning products, ask yourself “how could I make my own eco-friendly cleaning spray?” This kind of thinking will lead to lots of creative problem solving and you will feel like the genius that you already are!

  • Do something you’ve always wanted to do. What are you waiting for? We constantly put off pleasure and fun until we have more money, more time, until the kids get older, the mortgage is paid off. None of us are promised tomorrow, so stop making excuses for why you can’t do things that you’ve always wanted to do. Instead, figure out how to do it. If you’ve always wanted to go to Greece, could you cut back on your monthly expenses over the next year to save enough to go to Greece? If you’ve always wanted to learn how to cook delicious Italian food, can you find an inexpensive, local cooking class to take? Think about how doing something you’ve always wanted to do would make you feel. Happy? Stress-free? Excited? Invigorated? All of these feelings lead to creativity and will help you fill up your creative tank.


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