Munch Your Way to Calm with Turmeric

An excerpt from 'Create Calm and Carry On'

Turmeric. Did you know that half a teaspoon of this gorgeous, bright orange spice increases your levels and production of the ‘feel good’ hormones dopamine and serotonin which will boost your mood naturally and healthily and help you feel calmer and more in control?

Apart from looking bright and beautiful, this spice contains cir-cumin, a natural substance that helps maintain healthy detoxification and works to reduce inflammation.

Try making this delicious, slightly spicy and sweet, creamy turmeric latte. It’s a comforting drink – especially on a day like this, and it’s also a great way to include turmeric in your diet, as well as ginger to aid digestion and other beneficial spices. An Indian friend once told me that her grandmother used to make this drink for them whenever they had a cold. She says it worked fabulously, despite the fact it was made with cows milk, which in our western culture we are told to avoid when we have a cold!

This latte is also known to promote great sleep, so throughout winter, get into the habit of having a cup of this comforting deliciousness before hitting the sack.

Turmeric latte

1 cup of almond milk (or any milk)

1 tsp of freshly grated turmeric or half a tsp of powdered

1 tsp cinnamon

1 tsp of crushed cardamom

1 tsp of freshly grated ginger or quarter tsp of powdered

1 tsp honey

How to make

Heat the milk in a small pot with the spices.

Strain, drizzle the honey on top.

Drink and enjoy!


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