Discover Your Bliss!

Bliss is not a feeling, but a state of being.

In the state of Bliss, everything is loved

Deepak Chopra

The most universal urge that we all share is to be happy, right?

Natural joy should be our highest purpose.

When we discover what it is we have come to this life on earth for, our true purpose, we get to live our lives in joy and bliss. Bliss is an all encompassing state that we have access to at all times. It is the holding space for joy or happiness and peace inside of us. Nothing in life is more important than re-connecting with our bliss. Nothing is as rich or real.

When we lay down the burden of trying to be anything other than who we truly are, bliss comes to us naturally. When we identify and follow what it is that makes us happy, we understand our highest purpose. When we accept that purpose, follow our unique path and share our gifts wholeheartedly, without care or reservations, abundance in all forms comes back to us.

What exactly does re-connecting with our bliss mean? Noted author J.K. Rowling once said, ‘The idea of wandering off to a café with a notebook, and writing and seeing where that takes me for a while, is just bliss.’

What is your bliss? What is it that gives you so much joy that time simply flies and fills your heart? When you are really in your bliss, time will just fly and you are truly living in the present moment.

You can’t help but want to share this joy with others and in doing so, you are serving your purpose.

As we each bring enlightenment and abundance to others by sharing our bliss, it will come back to us time and time again. When we truly live in our bliss, a world of opportunities opens up to us and abundance is the natural reward. We realise that what we have been born to do and what makes us blissful, is the best way we can joyfully serve everyone around us, enabling them and us to live with joy and happiness.

Reconnecting with our true bliss is about that part of ourselves that many of us best remember from childhood. Think about what it was that brought you the greatest joy, that made time fly, and that you could do forever without a care in the world. That is an expression of your bliss.

While our childhoods may be behind us, our opportunity to reconnect with our bliss is right in front of us, ready for the taking. When we find ourselves engaged in the activities and with the people who make our hearts sing, we are grounded in the present and deeply connected to our own pure spirit. We are in ‘bliss

Try These!

  • We are each unique and experience the world in our own way.

  • Grab your journal and take time to write about what bliss looks and feels like to you.

  • Describe a time in your life when you felt bliss.

  • How can you cultivate bliss in your life today?


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