Time sickness. Yes it's actually a thing!

And it is nearing epidemic proportions today.

Victims of time sickness are obsessed with the notion that time is getting away, that there isn’t enough of it and that we must constantly pedal faster and harder to keep up. The trouble is our bodies have limits. And the body will not be fooled if we try to beat it into submission and ask more of it than it can deliver in a 24-hour day. It will sooner or later let us know!

The typical signals the body sends us are things like headaches, auto-immune disorders, irritable bowels, migraines, sleep disorders and low-grade depression. Of course, not everyone who suffers from these things has time sickness.

The thing that sets time-sick people apart is that when stressful conditions are removed, they continue to race the clock. They find it agonising to wait, because waiting means that precious seconds are slipping away. Stuck in line or waiting for a bus they can’t stop glancing at their watches, exhaling loudly or drumming their fingers. For some people when time sickness strikes they become combustible and totally lose the plot or get angry. Over time this can cause heart attacks and breathing difficulties as well as all the above symptoms. These guys not only stress at having to stop at a red light, they also want to shoot out the red light!


Let's start with being in the NOW.

Right Now must be the best time of your life!

The thing is, without inner fulfilment, time will not be on your side.

Instead of feeling that your day is spent scheduling, being on time, meeting deadlines and trying to find time for everything you want to do for yourself and your family and friends……………


Time management is about how you feel inside. It's about your state of awareness and it can make time a friend on your personal path to inner fulfilment.

When we manage time poorly, every day turns into a race against the clock. You look at the clock in exasperation and say, ‘where did the time go?’

We should instead be looking at the clock saying, ‘where did the opportunities go?’

When we learn to manage our time on the inside opportunities aren’t missed and we feel less frustrated and frantic.

This is an inner choice. Not the fault of time running out.

At any time of the day we have the choice to feel stressed or relaxed, stuck or moving forward.

Most people don’t recognise or believe they have this choice.

So they let the rush of their daily events and schedules dictate their mood and behaviour.

Of course, there are external stresses and unexpected setbacks that arise, but really the difference between a GOOD day and a BAD day, is the inner world of the person having it.

Look inward. Whats important is not the hours and minutes ticking on the clock, but how you are experiencing each minute and each hour. How you decide to relate to the passage of time makes all the difference.

Ultimately, this will define how well you live in the present moment, how you age and how great your sense of fulfilment is and the satisfaction of a life well spent.


When you’re doing something you are passionate about, time flies.

When you’re bored, time drags.

When you’re doing something that has no meaning for you time is wasted.

Modern life has taken our experience of life to an extreme.

Time is throwing mind and body completely out of balance.

TIME-SICKNESS is the ultimate lifestyle disorder


  • That heavy dread feeling that hits when you realise all the things you set out to accomplish in that day are just not going to get done.

  • When something unexpected happens to interrupt your ‘timed to the exact minute precision schedule’ and throws you off.

  • It is also that euphoric high you feel, those times when you have ticked all the boxes or tasks you had on your to-do list for that day.

  • Feeling that there is never enough time in the day.

  • Constantly looking at the clock and racing against it.

  • Feeling frustration or failure when you don’t get things done.

  • Dreading the passage of time because it saps your energy.

When we are constantly under the stress and pressure of racing against the clock, life isn’t being lived.

We become robotically trained to measure every day around what we achieved or didn’t. The jobs or tasks we didn’t get done, the relationships we didn’t have time for, the exercise we put off and so on and so on ……..

All this is what it means to suffer from time-sickness.


Time-sickness can be cured! It can, because each of us has created our own inner experience of time. We can change that experience any time we want.

We don’t need better time management, we need a better state of mind. This can be created easily through meditation, mindfulness, gratitude, journaling.

Living in the NOW MOMENT will eliminate these lows and highs of time-sickness and leave you living on an elevated plane of calm awareness.

Inner balance will be restored when you learn to live in the now.

You will know you’re on the right path when:

  • You enjoy your daily experiences and take time to appreciate them.

  • You feel calm and that your day is going well.

  • You find time to be relaxed

  • Time worries or concerns are absent.


  • Early morning visioning

  • Morning meditation – 10 minutes is enough

  • Journal your ideal day each morning

If you need help to get rid of this time sickness dis-ease get in touch with me, I'd love to help,

please get in touch.


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