Work Life Flow

Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes.

Don’t resist them, that only creates sorrow. Lao Tzu

The first picture that comes into my mind when I think of the word ‘flow’ is of a river or a stream or creek.

These bodies of water flow along the path of their lives from the mountains to the sea endlessly and effortlessly. Yes, they have twists and turns to make their journey interesting and sometimes exciting! Sometimes, rivers and streams become blocked by something right out of their control. What do they do? Well they just find a way around the block, or over the block or even through the block. No dramas.

There is an incredible need out there right now for people to create more balance into their lives. When I hear people talking about work life balance, it indicates that we should be allocating certain amounts of our time and energy to work and certain amounts to the rest of our lives. This doesn’t always work in our busy often hectic western lifestyle and isn’t always possible, right?

So instead of trying to achieve balance, have a go at re-framing that to to look at work life flow or work life effectiveness. This implies gentle spontaneous drift from your work to your personal life and back again in accordance with what is happening in your life at any given time and your particular needs and desires.

For example, if you are working on a project or creating a new piece of work, you might feel the desire and the need to keep going, past your number of allocated hours for the day, because you're on a creative roll and you want to stay in that flow so that you can complete that masterpiece you are creating while your mind is attuned to it.

Another day, your child might be sick and needing you to be there focussing on him or her all day long, even though your balance chart says you need to be putting in 4 more hours of work.

So, just like the river, we can allow our lives to flow, managing the twists and turns and anything blocking our flow, as we go, head on. Nothing ever needs to be so rigid that it can stop our flow.

Once you get used to relaxing into the flow of life instead of trying to control it, you will find that your work time becomes super productive and your down time free of mind clutter about work. This is because there are no negative or guilt laden thoughts creeping into your mind about the strictness of balancing work hours strictly against family or personal time.

Be the river

Bring on your curious, try this!

Intentionally live in flow for just one day and see how you feel. Start with a weekend day if it seems hard and just be mindful and aware that you are going to just let today flow. Remind yourself you can easily go around, over, under or through any obstacles that try to stop your flow. Don’t resist, let the day flow.

At the end of that day, check how you are feeling.


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