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Success Stories

When great things start to happen in your life, you want to tell everyone you meet!

Find out why so many people speak highly of the Balance Life Coaching approach.

"I would absolutely recommend Jenny, no matter where you are at with your life journey, Jenny offers a warm and supportive approach to help you take the steps towards a more confident and uplifting life going forward. 


Thank you Jenny, I had so much fun and laughter and really appreciate the conversations with you, it was exactly what I needed to set me on a wonderful positive direction!"

- Clare 2017

"When I first met Jenny I was working long hours in a busy corporate job and was really struggling to find ways to create some work life balance.  I knew that I needed to make a change, but didn’t know where to start.


 I worked with Jenny over a period of 8 weeks.  During this time, Jenny helped me to identify my core values and we worked together using those values to come up with some ideas for the kinds of jobs that would align well with my values.


 I have now left my corporate job and am working full time on creating a business that will enable me to be there for my family.  Jenny’s support gave me the confidence and direction to take the actions I needed to take to start moving towards my goals.


 If I hadn’t met Jenny, I would most likely still be where I was 6 months ago struggling to make a decision on what to do next.  I highly recommend Jenny’s services."

- Kellie 2017

"I enjoy having Jenny as a life coach. She is very professional; demonstrating excellent understanding, insight and focus in guiding me to achieve my goals.


Her techniques are fun, simple and naturally thought-provoking, which has improved my personal growth immensely.


Although I have all the answers within, Jenny has made it easier to clarify what is important to me and to live it with passion and purpose. I could have done it by myself but that may have taken a few life times!!!


Thanks Jenny for the shortcut to live this one!!!"

- Tracey Tupou

"Jenny’s energy, understanding and warmth make her a fantastic coach, but her greatest gifts are her insight and intuition. She helped me learn more about myself in a few sessions that I ever thought possible. The techniques she uses helped me make progress in such a short time, and my life ahead looks exciting and satisfying.


Thank you Jenny!" 

- Shannon, Hamilton

"Everyone should have a Jenny watching over them! She made me feel that I mattered and was a constant support for me when I was going through some difficult things. She helped me recognise that the reason I had some negative patterns happening in my life were because of beliefs I had about myself that were destructive or serving no purpose.


Jenny has some awesome tools that we have used so that I now understand myself way better and every time something comes up in my life now I can bring out those tools to help me calm down and figure out what I need to do.


I worked with Jenny on her 12 week program and I now feel I can move into my future with confidence and self belief.


Thank you so much Jenny, you are my guiding angel!"

- Ashleigh, North Auckland

"From the first phone call to Jenny, I felt like I had found a friend. I met with Jenny over a several month period and always came away from our sessions feeling refreshed and energised. She helped to structure my dreams and clarify my values, so I am able to make better decisions with these at the forefront. She is accommodating and flexible, and our journey together was extremely valuable, with great tools to use for any future plans. I thoroughly recommend Jenny and her program in helping to find clarity in life’s busy schedule, and I know she is just a phone call away"

- Erin 2017

Meeting Jenny and working through her programme helped me realise a lot of things about myself. In a safe environment where you can be sad/confused/happy and empowered, it was the perfect process for me to move into this next chapter of my life. Jenny is a wonderful mentor and has given me a lot of tools to help me get to where I want to be. I loved hearing the stories of her clients that have been on the same journey and I loved how each session made me feel.

Thank-you Jenny! For not giving me the answers to my life but empowering me with the tools & knowledge I needed to have faith in myself.

- Marissa 2017

“I had found myself in a bit of a motivational rut and my time with Jenny was invaluable in helping me on my way to making positive changes in all aspects of my life.


Right from day one in meeting with Jenny, she gave me far greater clarity around my professional and personal goals and by the end of our time together, I had a number of tool at my disposal to assist in creating lasting change.


Jenny’s greatest assets are her genuine approach, her active listening skills, and her simple yet effective methods. Personally, I knew that I had some, if not all, of the answers. The benefit I gained from sharing and exploring those answers with someone who was asking the right questions was a crystallisation of what exactly is to be done, and how exactly that can be achieved.


Jenny helped me onto a path that certainly looks exciting and I look forward to reflecting back on how crucial my time with her has been in enabling me to develop into the person I want to be.”

- David Mount Maunganui

"I absolutely recommend my life coach Jenny.  She has helped me discover many issues and thought processes that were getting in the way of me achieving my goals.


After helping me identify and rethink these issues, she challenged me to create my own change using some amazing tools and activities. This has enabled me to change the way I think, feel and react forever!


Jenny also made our sessions relaxed and fun so that we never got bogged down in “heavy stuff”. The best investment I have ever made in myself."

- Jackie B, Tauranga

"Jenny is an amazing person with a vibrant energy about her and this flows over in to her love for helping people be their best selves. Jenny is a great life coach and I would recommend her to anyone looking for that edge in life. 


When I arrived back in New Zealand after over a decade away I quickly realised how out of whack my life was. I had never thought about going to a life coach, but I am glad I did because it has literally changed my life in so many ways for the better. The skills I learnt over the 12 week period will stay with me for life and I am literally bummed the 12weeks are over! Sometimes it was confronting, but it was also a lot of fun discuss the tough topics and see my progress week after week.


I am looking forward to what the future holds and can't wait to share my successes with Jenny in the future."


Thanks Jenny

- Jarod 2016

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